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Ramle ... the last resting place of Private Harry Potter

The White Tower

Rowing in the underground reservoir, The Pool of Arches

To millions of children around the world he's the hero of a ...

For whom the bell tolls ... Carolyne Davis gets the quiz under way

The 5  ESRA National quiz night was held in November 20...
The Swedish Ambassador and members of the audience listening to the talk

In October the Swedish Ambassador, H.E. Magnus Hellgren, mos...
Along the German Colony (Photos: Denis Kaliser)

Model cooling tower In the Visitors Center at the Bazan Group Oil

At the Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Summer begins; but a bus full of ESRA day-trippers ignored t...

 This morning, I attended an ESRA lecture given by Anat...
At the ESRA Ramat Hasharon Branch relaunch evening (from left) Steve Linde, Hertzel Katz, Ramat Hasharon Mayor Avi Gruber and his mother Irene Gruber. Photos: Barbara Slater

Merle Guttmann (right) chats to a new immigrant at the Ramat Hasharon event

Ramat Hasharoniks enjoying being together at the ESRA evening on January 25 in Yad LeBanim. In the foreground are Shimshon and Joan Frankenthal and Avi and Joan Gover.

 Hertzel Katz' efforts to arrange an evening of former ...
Roman and Byzantine city with the high mound that was Biblical Beit She’an

Underfloor heating system at Beit She’an

With great excitement, I was awakened on Wednesday morning b...
Shelly Sharon

ESRA offers its thousands of members, as well as the general...
Raanana (Tanaman)



Raanana (Hunter)



Netanya (Lavender)

Who could believe that a year had passed so quickly. Last ye...
The sisters entertain

ESRA Ramat Aviv celebrated Chanukah this year with beautiful...
Enjoying the Modi'in music night

Two of the organizers: Carol Lipman (left) and Rhona Berzack

ESRA Modiin's Music Lovers Group grows from strength to stre...
Chaim Segal with Michael, Susan and Heidi – children of the late Shirley Kirsch Photos by: Mike Altman and Galia Peled

Esti Zerihon, who was sponsored in memory of Vera Faiman

Avital Mekonen with Ilse Gluckstadt

Buntji Alamihu with Bess Hoffman of ESRA Herzliya and Sidney Lyons, son of the late Barbara Lyons

Brenda Katten: Inspirational

Sara Alemo with Irene Stohn

Adi Barro with Barbara Kliner of ESRA Netanya

Zehava Yamana with Bryna Franklin

Adisu Mekonen with Marilyn Ronen of ESRA Tel Aviv

Jayjo Zero with Peta Singer of ESRA's Jordan Valley/Tiberias Branch

Avi Teshuma with Liz and Terry Morris

Malka Yaakov with Judy Samuels presenting on behalf of her brother Laurence Faiman

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we ...
Photo credit: Rikki's

Encore ... Dudu, Colin and conductor/pianist Tomer Adaddi take a well-deserved bow

The audience in the Herzliya Performing Arts Center take their seats

In perfect harmony ... Dudu and Colin perform a duet

ESRA's annual major fundraiser took place on January 3. It p...
I know that one ... the answer’s on the tip of my tongue!

Rishon MC David Scott Gillian Sinclair enjoys the quiz

An atmosphere of excitement and anticipation greeted us, alo...
Atarah Fisher addresses the audience

Audience members listen to Atarah Fisher’s talk in Modiin

Story and Photos by Flori Cohen Although a difficult subject...
The beautifully dressed Batmitzvah girls with their dressed cake by Juliet Rostowsky

Three generations making the candle holders

Custom-designing the Challot

The pink and purple tablecloths, pink and white balloons, be...
Richard Stein is put through his paces by dance teacher Aviv

Aviv with Joan Weisman

Recently our ESRA Neot Shaked Dance Group gave a demonstrati...

In mid-March, ESRA Rehovot members and friends took a nostal...
From the moving speech Neomi Meshasha gave to the ‘Broadway Hits’ audience in Herzliya

My name is Neomi. I am an attorney at the Tel Aviv District ...