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ESRA Magazine: Now a page-turner on the web

The ESRA Magazine website gives our readers immediate access to the latest issue of the magazine with a host of additional advantages.

In order for you to know how the ESRA Magazine website works and what a store of information and interest there is to be found on the site, here is some basic information, with tips and suggestions that will give you a more in-depth understanding of what you can find on

-Every new issue of ESRA Magazine appears simultaneously both in hard copy and on the website.

-See the full magazine on the site: On the upper left side of the Home page of the site you can click on the white arrow that appears on the cover picture of the latest magazine.

This will open up an exact copy of the published ESRA Magazine for you to page through, including the advertisements, the ESRA Directory, Donors, and more.

-Add your comments about articles: All the articles in the magazine are published on the website, and under each article is an option for readers to send in their comments. The comments are received in the system, and then published on the site. 

-About the author: The biography of the author appears alongside every article. For example read Barbara Lyons' biography with her article. You can also find authors by clicking on one of the photos in "Contributors" on the right-hand side of the Home page.

-Back issues: With a single click you can access all articles in the back issues of ESRA Magazine, going back to Issue 141, September-October 2007. Just click on the "Past Issues" button on the top line of the Home page.

-Search Engine: The website has a search option that allows you to search by word or phrase for all content, both current and past – either by the title or text of the article or the author's name. The search option can be found on the Home page in the top right-hand corner. 

An added benefit, when you search for an author, is that the result will show all articles written by that author. For example: when searching for Carl Hoffman your search result will list all the articles that Carl has written for ESRA Magazine since September-October 2007.

-Categories: Just above the articles on the Home page is an alphabetical list of subject categories for the articles, starting with "Advertisers" and ending with "Travel". Each article published on the site is tagged with a category, and by clicking on one of these categories you can see all the published articles in that category. 

For example, click on "Health" and find all articles pertaining to health, or click on "Arts" for all articles about art and culture.

-Advertisers & Classifieds: Looking for an apartment to rent, a plumber or a caterer? Click on "Advertisers" in the Categories to see a list of all the adverts that appear in the magazine, or on "Classifieds" for a full list of all the classified adverts.

-"Get Involved" and "Advertise": On the first line of the Home page, by clicking on one of these buttons, you can submit an article, send in a donation, offer to volunteer or catch up on the latest ESRA events. You can also submit an advertisement to be published in the magazine. 

-Contact us: And finally don't forget to contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button with any questions or enquiries you may have, or for information on how to make contact with the writers or people mentioned in articles. In addition, we will be very happy to hear any suggestions, ideas for improvement or simply comments you may have about the site.  



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Tuesday, 28 March 2023

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