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A word from the Editor 193

April 12th is Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel. Two stories illustrate how in the Nazi reign of extermination, a few human souls defied the orders and risked their own lives by daringly saving as many Jews as they could. They are the Danish King Christian and the Danes who rescued 8,000 Jews, almost their entire Jewish population, by transporting them in fishing boats to Sweden; and Dante Almansi, an Italian, who founded the Delasem organization which saved some 30,000 Jews who had fled to Italy to try and survive. In Petach Tikva Oscar Prager gave a moving account of Kristallnacht in his home town ofFuerth, Germany.

ESRA is revitalizing several of its branches – Ramat Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Rehovot, Rishon – and started a new one in Beer Sheva. Read Sunny Marshanky's 'Like a family' and Joan Frankenthal's 'New beginnings take us back' and see the enticing cultural programs in the adverts of Rehovot and Rishon, both of which have new halls to hold their activities. In Melbourne too, our Mira Brown from Modiin organized a book swap with two of her friends down under.

Keeping healthy is vital to all. There are different ways of course. Alan Liferow tell us how he chose running rather than medication. In 2002 Dream Doctors started using clowns in hospitals, in Israel and abroad, to perform their expertise by making patients laugh and thus relieve their anxiety. Beth Protea runs a humane and caring home service so that people can function at home rather than be institutionalized.

"It always amazes me how little I know of our wonderful country" writes Henry Gild on his visit to the historical Bialik Street in Tel Aviv. Judy Shapiro describes a lively morning on Tel Aviv's buzzing Tayelet with its varied beach activities, riders, runners, walkers, restaurants. Norma Altman wrote that the ESRA tour to Akko prison and the Tunisian synagogue was another example of what all these young people had fought for, the right of Jews from all over the world to come here and have the right to choose to live in whichever way they want. Carol Novis describes the enlightening outing of ESRA magazine editorial board to Givat Haviva, the new city of Harish and Barta'a – guided expertly by Lydia Aisenberg.

Do you enjoy spy stories? Then read Herb Hahn on the 'Spy who had class', no less than a Countess; and Marian Lebor's review of 'Death in the Sleuth'.

In the world of education, ESRA has initiated two exciting novel English teaching programs, using our unique assets as English speakers to advance local kids and adults. Read Mike Shribman's 'A classroom revolution in Raanana' and Cynthia Barmor on Fun-glish in Modiin. The story of Asher Teka gives full credit to how a scholarship from ESRA's SBC helped him achieve his success. Givat Haviva has initiated an international school to train humane leaders; Technoda is lessening the academic gap in Hadera; JAMD, Israel's own FAME, is creating outstanding musicians.

Our food entries include 10 outstanding fish restaurants by Buzzy Gordon, recipes for Pesach by Janine Levy and Nitzan Krivine, and the story of Abulafia bakeries, owned by an Arab who closes on Pesach by Ruth Corman.

Our people stories: Adele Rubin and Albert Tannenbaum received awards from the Ministry of Education; Cyril Solk turns 100; David Brownstein retires; and Steve Linde recounts fascinating episodes in his journalistic career.

Worth reading are 'Waging war in the garden' by Amelia Terkel, Eli Libenson on Uber taxi drivers in Chicago; and overseas travel insurance by Mark Joffe.

You are invited to take part in our short story competition – 'Serendipity – Unexpected Luck' and your children in our photographic contest. 



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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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