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t was an awful summer.

We knew not what to do.

It brought along all ailments, the feet, the skin, the "flu".

My feet had gotten very slow.

My skin had flared up red.

The coughing didn't stop or go.

I'm left with just my head.

Now, as I got more personal I kept priorities low.

I had some hardcore illnesses but everything was slow.

This summer was a turning point.

First it was hard to walk.

Though very shortly after it was difficult to talk.

My eyes gave me migraine and worse, I have to resort to drops.

My ruddy skin got redder yet my hair was not the tops.

My skin, oh how I longed for skin that I had worn when young, joined in the chorus like a flame of a fire song fiercely sung.

So now after the holidays our doctors need a rest.

When things get hectic once again I'll be their honored guest.