Dear Merle,

Our ESRAmagazine No. 200 arrived last week! Congratulations on a wonderful production (again) and a wonderful nostalgic look back over forty years. The articles bring back many personal memories of how we managed in the early days, and the learning curve that we all went through.

I well remember my own misgivings about the new size and the difficulties of delivery of the larger size magazine but taking the pragmatic decision to move forward and make the best of the situation!

I also remember the many hours we spent over your dining table working on the maps of Herzliya Pituach and other towns (Netanya, Modiin) dividing them up into workable hand-delivery areas.

Do you remember how the background logo was created for ESRAmag issues 17-37 approx.? Mike literally cut and pasted the "new" logo and used his photocopier at work to create the ESRA background to give to the printers!

I am very proud to have been part of this enterprise and wish you much health and strength to continue in your inimitable manner.

Frankie Cronin