Illustration by Denis Shifrin

Deborah Fineblum | USA
Basya Goldstein | USA
Judy & Paul Silver | UK
Sheila Silver | USA

§ Raanana
Lilyrose Michalowsky & Marvin


§ On your granddaughter
Pnina & Danny Angel
Amy Avgar
Lynette & Mathew Karp
Tova and David Kestenbaum

§ On your grandson
Cecily & Avrom Hanson
Keely and Meir Marock
Linda & Mike Sherrington

§ On your great granddaughter
Pat & Morrie Basker (two)
Judy & Cyril Fisher
Viviane & Peter Reich

§ On your great grandson
Lenore & Herb Hahn
Lynette & Mathew Karp
Becky Marock
Cynthia & Stanley Shapiro,
on Roi David


§ On your granddaughter
Juliet & Rusty Rostowsky

§ On your grandson
Adele & Michael Hunter, on Itai
Mimi & Baruch Tanaman, on Yotam
Nina & Marvin Zuck, on Omri


§ On your daughter
Joan Weisman on Bracha to Eran


§ On your daughter
Vicky & Johnny Caplin, on Leah to Theo
Lesley & Brenda Henan

§ On your son
Agnes Ben-David, on Natan to Miriam
Eitan Ben-David, on Natan to Miriam
Razel & Jonathan, on Grace to Yaakov
Marlene & Colin Shifrin, on Darren to Bianca
Janice & Henry Sinai, on Allon to Yana

§ On your granddaughter
Judy & Cyril Fisher
Rachel & Derek Pentol, on Shani Tal to Sagi
Ruth & Jack Widerker, on Noa to Yiftah

§ On your grandson
Lenore & Herb Hahn, on Alon to Liron


Roy Dinar | 85th
Geeta Gariby | 70th
Willy Meyerowitz | 85th
Rosemarie Millner | 90th


Shiphra & Mel Davis | 60th
Felicia & Dave Levin | 50th
Rosemarie & Leo Millner | 65th

Carl Hoffman
Robert Langbart
Willy Meyerowitz
Cecil Shevil

Dave Bloom on your re-election as chairperson of Telfed


§ On your husband
Gloria Harris
Rita Rubin, on Norman
Vera Sidi, on Albert

§ On your mother
Andrea Armist
Linda Barretts, on Zelda Fisher
Judy Copeland
Haley Freedman & Denise Goldsmith, on Fran Freedman
Adele Hunter on Rose Fishman
Maddy Levine
Eitan, Dana and Oren, on Adeerah Meyers

§ On your father
Albert Levi

§ On your sister
Barney Wainer, on Riva Rubin

§ On your brother
Lenny Friedman

§ Family / friends of
Florence Grozbord
Shirley Kirsch
Jessie Schragger
Vera (Hetty) Sidi