Some of the Fun-glish participants in the beginners' class in Modiin with their facilitator, Sandra Apperman (second right) and assistant Thelma Bernstein (second left) at their final meeting in June

ESRA Modiin's pilot to create a "Fun-glish" activity had various objectives: to underscore our niche of improving English in the community; as a fundraiser; and to promote membership during Membership Month (17 new members signed up).

The initiative proved successful beyond expectations. Anticipating one, maybe two classes at the launch last November, ESRA Modiin was thrilled with the response, and operated six different classes for various levels and ages.

Each class met once a week for an hour to learn spoken English through fun and creative activities.

Following a survey conducted among participants that showed positive results, the branch intends to continue with the program for a second year in November 2019.