By the girls at ESRA's Netanya Dance Center, as they expressed it to Joan Weisman 

After regular meetings on Wednesdays once a week

Where we met, we chatted, did our warm-up and learnt to

move to the music

We learnt Contemporary and Amharit Traditional Dance

Our shoulders can now move independently of the rest of our


We gave a few performances

We received good feedback

We improved each time we performed

Many of our parents came to the end of the year party

We felt great dancing for them and for some ESRA members

who supported us that evening

We were happy with our different dances including one

choreographed by our teacher Aviv to the music of HALLEVAI

And it's a genuine HALLEVAI for all of us that we show more

caring and love to one another in every sphere of our lives

We ended the evening after getting a certificate and a

swimming towel from ESRA with a dance we had just learnt

to the music of HAPPY

And it was a happy year, a happy party and we all look

forward to a safe and happy summer.