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Illustration by Cookie Moon

I pull my mask down for a sip of water. The Delta variant is...
Kishi, Yair Meyuchas, Nuclear Capsules exhibition. Credit: Yair Meyuchas

A Cubit is Six Handbreadth, Nechama Golan, Four Cubits of Light exhibition. Credit: Nechama Golan

In these global pandemic times, the concept of two meters of...
Open-air pools of hot mineral water

Text and Photos: Lydia Aisenberg There is something surreali...
Gaby Shefler with his grandchildren

Text and photos by Ruth Corman Less than five minutes' walk ...
Photos by Sue Joffe

View of the Old City

The Western Wall

What a chance to explore some of the places I have had on my...
A children’s park near Dizengoff School

Construction in Shapira Neighborhood is underway, encouraged by Tel Aviv Municipality

An entry gate to Dizengoff School, award-winning school recognized by the Ministry of Education

Story and photos by Akiva Herzfeld With a skyline of do...
Rothschild Boulevard Tel-Aviv. Image PikiWiki

A convenient place to sit down When your thirst you are long...
Staff of Afridar Housing Corporation Ltd in 1956 . . .Selwyn and Barbara can be seen in the center of the second row

Barbara and Selwyn Lurie who now live in California. The photo was taken on Selwyn’s 97th birthday on 7th August 2019

The Certificate of Honor which the city of Ashkelon presented to Selwyn

Stop press ... The story of how Selwyn built Ashkelon made the front page of the Natal Mercury in August 1958

Ashkelon, 1956: Barbara Lurie outside her home at 7 Johannesburg Road, Afridar

residents of Afridar attending a town hall meeting which was addressed by Selwyn Lurie.

South African Jewry's participation in the founding of moder...

 Musical welcome for the New Year  THE STREETS of ...
Ramle ... the last resting place of Private Harry Potter

The White Tower

Rowing in the underground reservoir, The Pool of Arches

To millions of children around the world he's the hero of a ...
Synagogue bima in Peki'in

Rose Haran, Margalit Zinati, and Michal Kramer

Akko’s ancient city walls

Just before Chanukah, we drove to the Upper Galilee on beaut...
Jerusalem Info bus

An old truck perched on wooden blocks, three long metal step...
View from the ramparts

Walking the Ramparts

Postcard of the Jaffa Gate

Photos by Bill Strubbe​ Walking Jerusalem's ramparts Leaning...
The Ethiopian Church on Ethiopia Street

The close proximity from the Ben Yehuda front door to the entrance to the Ethiopian Church courtyard - an Ethiopian monk can be seen just leaving the courtyard

Ethiopia Street is just a hop, skip and jump away from the o...
Along the German Colony (Photos: Denis Kaliser)

Model cooling tower In the Visitors Center at the Bazan Group Oil

At the Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Summer begins; but a bus full of ESRA day-trippers ignored t...
Mikve Yisrael - old gate on to the highway (Photos: Mike Altman)

Women working in the fields in Rishon

Rishon's first synagogue

Inside the Agam Museum

Rishon's Memorial Park

 Our group of ESRA explorers from Netanya, joined by a ...
The YMCA bazaar in Jerusalem (Photo: Matson Collection Library of Congress, Washington)

If a simple interpretation of the phrase 'tikun olam' is to ...
The prisoners’ courtyard at Akko Prison

The gallows at Akko prison

The refectory of the Crusader Hospitaller fortress

Early on November 21, 2017, a day the weatherman had promise...
Dedication to Sir Moses Montefiore at the entrance of Ohel Moshe

The ornate and striking exterior of Ades Synagogue in Jerusalem

The Ark inside Ades Synagogue

President Yitzchak Navon's family

Story and photos by Ruth Corman One of the most fascinating ...
Living on the crater’s edge, writer Talya Dunleavy felt a connection to ancient times

Photos: Tiki Ozer Let me take you to one of the most enchant...