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Zainab Abu-Swaid

Anat Harrel

Photos by Anat Harrel Most tourists, and even many Israelis,...
Orel having fun with customers

A young guy building a relationship with a positive adult figure

Two innocuous second-hand clothing stores, one in down-town ...
Cathy Raff at the entrance to Beit Elfashara, decorated with the butterfly motif. Photo courtesy of Nura Kurdi.

In-gathering of the seminar participants, From left to right: Nura, Iman, today’s chief cook, her son Samir, who’s helping, and Amal, the assistant cook.

Nura on the roof lounge of Beit Elfarasha, overlooking the sea.

The table is set, before we begin. Amal is standing to the left.

"What is a nice Jewish girl from Columbus, Georgia, doing in...
The Gojo House, a mud and straw one-room Ethiopian hut

A bread similar to challah is baked for Shabbat

Learning Ethiopian dance

Debbie Efron translates for the sister of Maryam, Bat HaMidbar's founder

On an excursion with members and friends of Bet Israel Masor...
Happy in their work ... Kuchinate women busy crocheting various household objects

African asylum-seeking women gain empowerment in a Tel Aviv ...
Uzi Jona (right) with a Palestinian worker at the Amatzia Vineyards

Frank Mecklenberg with green table grapes at Amatzia

The wall between Israel and Judea

Story and photos by Frank Mecklenburg​ Gush Katif was a...
Inconsolable ... tears for Ethiopian Solomon Teka

Translated from the Hebrew by Nina Zuck The protest followin...
With the help of Darylle Levenbach "Action without vision is...
By Harry Hiller and Sandra Simenhoz Kfar HaNoar, a religious...
Handshaking at the barrier

Amatzia Dayan from Kibbutz Ein Hashofet, who for many years was a volunteer driver

Once or twice a week, Amatzia Dayan from Kibbutz Ein Hashofe...
Israeli born Shlomit Zeiger (left) and Yohved Efrati, visiting Netiv HaAsara from a kibbutz in the Haifa region, placing their tiles on the wall

Ceramic poppies on the wall of hope for peace with Gazan neighbors

Israeli ceramics artist Tsamerit Zamir, a member of Moshav N...
Women Wage Peace – in the air and on the ground (Photo: Paradive Skydive Center)

Palestinian peace activist Ali Abu Awwad (left) with a visitor to the Palestinian National Nonviolence Center (Photo: Bruce Shaffer)

I recently attended an international conference at Tel Aviv ...
Julie Fisher, former Ambassador Dan Shapiro and their daughters, join Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres to say goodbye to President Barack Obama after his visit to Israel in the spring of 2013

A warm welcome for an asylum-seeking family at their new kibbutz community

Asylum seekers are welcomed at Kibbutz Sasa

Asylum Seekers in Israel The issue of asylum seekers (or inf...
Always with us ... memorial to the Metzer victims of terror

Kibbutz Metzer is a very short walk from the 1949-brokered A...

Minchah in the New Synagogue at SodaStream

Time for prayers in the Muslim Men’s Prayer Room

Happy in their work . . . Jewish and Arab employees of SodaStream

Photos: Alan Stein In a fortuitous twist of fate, a change o...
The coach party of ESRAmagazine folk on their day out make a visit to Israeli West Barta’a. Photo: Lydia Aisenberg

Lydia Aisenberg

 Readers of ESRA magazine are undoubtedly familiar with...
A ticket to ride … Orna Shimoni of the Four Mothers movement and grandsons and (right) ESRA Yokneam branch coordinator Mimi Samucha waiting for the Peace Train at the Kfar Yehoshua-Yokneam station

M.K. Yehuda Glick, addressing the WWP in the Park Eucalyptus, Bet Shean

Give peace a chance...collective plea from WWP activists to Israel politicians

 During the Pesach holidays, over a thousand Jewish and...
Singing in their mother tongues (from left) Dana Keren, Meera Eilabouni and Diane Kaplan (Photo: Gal Mosenson)

Pete Seeger: His protest songs were banned

One of my most abiding memories of my South African childhoo...
Talking politics ... Prof Mordecai Keder with Evelynne Cherny (left) and Cynthia Barmor, chair of ESRA Modiin

Part of the large audience listening with enthrallment to Prof Kedar

With a record number of people attending, our Modiin branch ...

Ishmael Khaldi with his mother and father

A nephew of the Khaldi’s embracing a kid

The kindergarten in the village

North west from the roof the Khaldi family home.

Story and photos by Linda Glazer After accepting Ishmael Kha...