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Isaac Herzog ...peace feasible

''Peace with the Palestinians is feasible and now is the tim...
Photo Credit: Irina

Starting one's own business is one thing, finding a job is a...
On the beach ... Israel Sevitz (left) and Michael Katsanelson

A leg and a prosthetic

Tikvot trio ... (from left) Ofer Verfel, Simone Farbstein and Dror Cohen.

On the bike ... Michael Katsanelson

 When a terrorist attack occurs, or an army operation g...
Photo Credit: Steven

 Today I visited one of the Internal Medicine wards at ...
A sunrise over Makhtesh Ramon

The beach at Tel Aviv.

Zachary Taylor and his wife Lisa pictured in Jerusalem

I can still remember sitting on the couch with my then fianc...
The sun’s rays bathe the Edom Mountains across the Red Sea. From here can be seen three countries bordering Israel: Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Our intrepid hikers with the snow-capped Jordanian hills in the background

Limestone bulbs both loose and embedded in the stone

These three days will remain in the mind of most people for ...
Sandy Kessler running one of her classes. Shalom Brenner is in the background

I suddenly started limping like an old crock. I dashed to th...
Memories of England ... Paul Kohn at the coast with Reverend Morton

Young refugees in England: Paul Kohn and Eugene Gunz with their boxed gas masks

Paul and Rev. Morton play chess in the garden at Chatteris in Cambridgeshire

Paul, aged 6, with his parents in pre-war Austria

Paul and Eugene in Chatteris in 1942

The boys enjoying English comic papers

Paul reporting for The Jerusalem Post. In the foreground is the familiar figure of Israeli statesman David Ben-Gurion

Paul Kohn addresses ESRA audience in Herzliya Genteel smilin...
Joy ... Lod residents celebrate the inauguration of a Torah scroll

Lod youngsters on the day of the Torah’s inauguration

Time to learn ...inside the study hall of the pre-army academy

Lod challenges its inhabitants with many of the problems of ...
Ruth sculpture at the Ketura Solar Field

The welcome sign at Kibbutz Ketura

The Arts Center at Naot Semadar

The Methuselah tree at Ketura

Looking for a change of pace or of scenery from Israel's cit...
Expert ... Professor Steve Rosen at Shivta

That is how it felt as we drove south from Beersheba. We wer...
Rabbi David Rosen

How much has the Christian world really changed in its attit...
All aboard ... a train about to leave Jerusalem for Jaffa in 1910

A modern Israeli engine

Waiting for the train ... a photo of Jaffa Station in the mid to late 1890s

At the centenary celebrations of railways in Israel, held at...
Illustration: Danielle Meler

Arriving for our annual visit at my father-in-law's new apar...
Touching the power at El Halev

Yudit Sidikman...reinventing herself

The brochure of El Halev, Israel's only martial arts center ...

Do you remember that line in the song, "People who need peop...
Prof Weihs correctly predicted a critical speed above which dolphins jump out of the water to improve their swimming efficiency.  Photo: Courtesy of

The Israeli stamp featuring nano-parachutes

A small world ... a nano-parachute compared to a household battery

 Distinguished Professor Daniel Weihs at the Technion I...
Cranes take flight

Taking a dip ...cranes in the water

Watch the birdie ... trippers pose for the camera.

 Having heard about the 'birds' experience from our fri...