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Welcome to Mevo'ot Yericho! Caravan homes can be seen in the background

Collecting wood for a Lag B'Omer bonfire

A new housing project in Mevo'ot Yericho

In 1977, when I made aliyah, I lived for a year on a kibbutz...
The 150 meter ravine at Nahal Amud.   Story and photos by Mike Altman

Outside the Music Hall at Beit Shafriri on Kibbutz Kvutzat Kinneret a museum in honor of Naomi Shemer

Many people on the ESRA Dona Gracia trip dressed up in 16th century costumes. They included Avraham Hanson and his wife, Cecily (below, sitting), who organized the event

Norma and I joined the ESRA Dona Gracia trip, thanks to the ...
Station Wagon. Photo Credit: Michael Spiller Wikimedia Commons

Wall Street Journal, 1973, Yom Kippur War Vignettes of the Y...
Igal Cohanim and the class of 2016

The Neot Shaked neighborhood of Netanya is comprised of most...
Aviva Lavi in action ... she loves bike riding.  Photos: Benny Sahar

Yoga has become part of Aviva’s regimen

Written by Aviva Lavi with help from Judy Shapiro.  Ove...
Group smiles of success after a great night.    Story and photos by Tsfara Saar-Leshem

The Hefzibah Girls waiting their turn

On stage ... and wowing the audience!

END OF THE YEAR . . . IN NETANYA Towards seven in the evenin...
When Eilat was just an outpost ... the Northern beach area in 1958

Dan Caesarea Hotel

1953: Kaete Dan Hotel in HaYarkon Street, the origin of the Dan Hotel chain

The beat goes on ... thriving and jiving at the Dan Tel Aviv

For those of us in the over 70 age bracket who were born in ...
Guide Mike Moss points to excavations. Photos: Julian Alper & Harvey Lewis

Mikveh sistern with arch

A close-up of a synagogue fresco

The Temple entrance depicted in stone

An overview of the synagogue at Magdala

Another view of the synagogue interior showing the detail of the mosaic floor

A lost town by the shores of Lake Kinneret is slowly reveali...
Lester Christie helps collect trash from the beach at Almog. Photo: Glenis Bertfield

ESRA's last hike of the season is always an easy beach hike;...
First prize team (from left) Shlomo Ivgi, Marilyn Cooper, Idit Friedman, George Adler. Back row: ESRA Chairman Baruch Tanaman and Lior Prety, Manager of the Caesarea Golf Club

Third prize team: Eli and Linda Streit, Sandra Brown and Yoram Keichel

The setting for this year's tournament was Caesarea Golf Clu...
Zachor’ etched in flames as a remembrance.   Photos: Terry Morris

Flag-bearers march around Hefzibah

Community Leaders take to the streets

June is always a busy month in ESRA's calendar, especially i...
The view of the Ela Valley from the top of Tel Azela. Story and photos by Yael Meyer

The courtyard of the Nehorai Senior Center.

In the activity room at the Nehorai Senior Center.

Halamed Hei monument in the Ela Valley.

Inscription on the Lamed Hei monument.

Starting the walk up Tel Azela in the Ela Valley

One wintery, rainy day in March an intrepid group of ESRA da...
Picture this ... Ehud Lior holds the photograph taken in 1939 of his greeting Chaim Weizmann. Photos: Lydia Aisenberg

With his back to the camera and hands behind his back, Ehud Lior greets Chaim Weizmann

The damaged Shomria high school after the attack in April 1948.

Standing with his back to the camera, hands behind him with ...
Discussing social issues

When I heard about The Women's Courtyard, which helps to emp...
In the net ... basketball star Paul Delaney scores again

On the ball ... Paul Delaney in action

Talking tactics

Since I've made aliyah, I've been asked a few times if my fa...
Raanana Concerned Residents (RCR) ... from left: Vic Essakow, Joel Klotnick, Mel Cohen and Stephen Kohn. Missing from the line-up is John Cohen

Electric bikes and scooters are a common sight on sidewalks ...

Yosef Halper's bookstore, half hidden in an alley off Allenb...
The countdown has started for boccia champ Nadav Levi pictured with his father, Shuki Levi


Our heartiest congratulations go to Nadav Levi, Israel's boc...
Ringing up the changes ... how people used to make telephone calls in Israel, from public call boxes in the street. Photo by Anat Saragusti

Telephone tokens ... you had to buy them at the post office

Unforgettable times! It was 1966 or so. I had just come to I...
A walk on the wild side ... strolling through Ramat Menashe’s beautiful natural scenery.  Story and photos by Steve Kramer

Best foot forward ... enjoying the ESRA hike.

Prickly but pretty ... an example of cacti to be found in Ramat Menashe

ESRA had a beautiful hike in Ramat Menashe during the interm...