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Grandpa and Yirmy in the Natural History Museum, London, looking at all that remains of the poor, defenseless Dodo

Grandpa Mike and Yirmy Porter ... with Harry Potter somewhere in London’s Palace Theater behind them

Barmitzvah treat for grandson Some months ago Yirmy turned 1...
Hitting the road ...Dani Margolis (center) with father Phil, brother Ilan, and the VW camper bus

To say that Leeds-born Israeli educator and tour guide Dani ...
Traditional Chinese medical herbs section in a store on Kowloon’s Nathan Road

Feeling hungry? Late night food served in a street booth in Kowloon

Casino Lisboa on Macao island . . . the gambling capital of the world with 38 casinos

 We think Taiwan is our next holiday destination. Ruti ...
Hindu temple in Singapore

Gardens at Flower Dome

Jurong Bird Park

Merlion, the official mascot of Singapore

 In my many trips to the Far East, while flying to my d...
Len Sirowitz sketching at a San Miguel art course

A praying mantis in stained glass

Hats and baskets for sale in the market

All that glitters . . . pieces of jewelry made by Herb Hahn

The three Amigos in San Miguel de Allende (from left) Irwin Levenson, Herb Hahn and Stan Goldberg

Our friends Vivienne and Irwin kept raving about San Miguel ...
Mike Porter enjoying his Greek holiday

Our Greek holiday began smoothly. July 13: we – grandfather,...
Depicting the 1960s and the famous Post Office Tower which opened in 1965

Stand and deliver . . . the postal past

Modes of transport

How the delivery of mail changed over the years

Penny Black was the world’s first adhesive stamp

Story and photos by Lydia Aisenberg A visit to the Postal Mu...
General view of the Lower Himalayas

A Tibetan student

The meal at the Chabad House

Dumplings ...Tibetan street food

The colorful lobby of the hotel in Mcleodganj, a village next to Dharamshala

Story and photos by Marion Stone After travelling all d...
Thumbing a lift: A young Mike Porter in France

Oslo 1955: “I meet my first Israelis,” says Mike Porter who took the photo

The winter of 1955 was a hard one, even for Europe. Blocks o...
Uzbekistan woman in traditional clothes

Bukhara Jewish children wrote this for Rosh Hashanah. Photo: Esther Eliad

As a child, I eagerly swallowed up the stories of Scheheraza...
Pompei inspired painted tiles

Rooftop Biblical hideaway

In the heart of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, sits an impre...
The Jain Temple at Chendamangalam. Story and photos by Vera Freudmann

A bridal couple on the morning of their wedding

The Ark in a synagogue in Cochin, Kerala

Holiday high point ... the Freudmanns at the Taj Mahal

Indian women happy to pose in typically colorful dress

Mumbai, where every day is washday in the world’s largest outdoor laundry

 India was one of those places that my husband and I ag...
Hamam Yehudi. Story and photos by Buzzy Gordon

The Holocaust memorial sculpture in Saloniki

The interior of Yad Lazikaron Synagogue

A gravestone (museum exhibit)

Ladadika. Saloniki's Jews were so critical to running the city's seaport that it closed on Shabbat

Greece's second largest city and environs have a lot to offe...
The Heydar Aliev Museum is in the shape of a reclining figure 8. Photos: Ruti Porter

The caravanserai in Sheki

Exterior of the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Ruti had been reading about Baku and had chosen Azerbaijan's...

On September 3, 2017, all Israeli insurance companies came o...

Uber drivers are a special bunch. Unlike most taxi drivers, ...

Judy loves adventure. I love the four walls of our apartment...
Having a lava-ly time ... the group rests after climbing to the top of a volcano in Northern Mongolia. Story and photos by Jeri Hahn-Markowitz

Your move ... Nomads in traditional dress play a typical game on the Mongolian steppe

Home sweet home ... a typical Mongolian nomadic dwelling on Lake Khuvsgul in a national park in Northern Mongolia

Mongolian guide Amina with Moti Hahn-Markowitz and group leader Professor Reuven Amitai

I recently returned from a two-week trip to Mongolia with a ...
Friends from the Abayudaya and Raanana/Kfar Saba – Ratner family and Edelman-Greens –making felafel for Shabbat

Rabbi Gershom Sizumo ... studied in Los Angeles

Visiting the elderly with Aaron the shochat

Shira Green makes a new friend, sharing Israeli food in Uganda

One hundred years ago, a man named Semei Kakungulu translate...
Graves of Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg – the Maharam – and Alexander Ben Salomo Wimpfen, who paid a large sum to redeem the rabbi’s body, on condition that he was buried next to him

A figure on Worms Cathedral which represents the Jewish religion

Chagall windows in St Stephen’s Church in Mainz

My husband and I recently took a trip to the 'ShUM' cities o...