As a life coach and educator, I'm driven to explore every po...

AKA weekends away with Judy and Ray Lenore and I hit the jac...
Tunnel boring machine used in the Elizabeth line. Photo: Wolfgang Meinhart, Wikimedia Commons

A blaze of light . . . a night shot of London’s Canary Wharf. Photo: Diliff, Wikimedia Commons

Having lived in London for more than 30 years I am reasonabl...
Shlomo feeds a wallaby in Brisbane

Graffiti on a water cistern at Tauranga, New Zealand

Monkey Forest near Ubud in Bali

Gorge-ous ... Taroko Gorge near Hualien, Taiwan

Samurai fight at the Samurai Museum, Tokyo, Japan

I always dreamt of repeating the feat of Phileas Fogg in Jul...
Leaya today, driving a tractor on a farm in the Jordan Valley as part of her National Service. She is still in the wilds, like where she was born.

Kangaroo Luka and her son pop out of the rain forest and hop onto the veranda for food

In the last few years our three children have turned us into...
A cruise ship docked in Puerto Vallarta

Most memorable dish dining out ... tuna on hot rock

A sculpture on the Malecon, the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta

Story and photos by Eli Libenson Puerto Vallarta is a r...
In Togo woman were seen carrying more than 40 kilos on their heads

In the Fetish Market was a large display of dried animal heads – dogs, cats, monkeys, cobras, rats, ox horns and snakes. Many see it as a hospital or pharmacy

My journey deep within mysterious West Africa While searchin...
Medallion man ... Herb Hahn is the proud owner of an Endymion necklace

Mardi Gras is a festival and celebration amongst Catholics, ...
Water buffalo intended to be sacrificed

Traditional Torajan baby graves a in tree

The Tau Tau carver at work

Indonesia is one of the most fascinating countries I have vi...
All smiles from a waitress at a hotel in Zanzibar

Claire’s husband, Yossi, and one of the local beauties

A full moon at low tide

On the way to Zanzibar, I used the five-hour flight to read ...

Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Photo: Flickr

Boats moored in the medieval town of Budva

Central Split along the Riva promenade

Sandwiched between a visit to Venice and Florence, my friend...
The canyon approach to Petra (Photos: Mike Altman, Baruch and Mimi Tanaman)

The Treasury, Petra’s most famous facade

Ancient mosaic church-floor map detailing the columns along Jerusalem's Cardo

An oasis of souvenirs in the Wadi Rum desert

Sights of Petra, from simple homes to palatial tombs, all carved into the mountainsides

Echoes of ancient desert caravans

The whole happy ESRA group in Jordan's Wadi Rum desert

There are some countries that as soon as you enter, you feel...
The Museum wing named after Sammy Ofer (Photo: Lydia Aisenberg )

The bust of Israeli shipping magnate Sammy Ofer in the National Maritime Museum, London (Photo: Flickr)

During a recent sojourn to London, I included a visit to Gre...
Negotiating one of the many locks

Henry Gild (left) and family enjoying a meal on board narrow boat Martha

Story and photos by Henry Gild​ My wife Chippy and myse...

I love to travel. When I was young, I hitch-hiked all over E...
Grandpa and Yirmy in the Natural History Museum, London, looking at all that remains of the poor, defenseless Dodo

Grandpa Mike and Yirmy Porter ... with Harry Potter somewhere in London’s Palace Theater behind them

Barmitzvah treat for grandson Some months ago Yirmy turned 1...
Hitting the road ...Dani Margolis (center) with father Phil, brother Ilan, and the VW camper bus

To say that Leeds-born Israeli educator and tour guide Dani ...
Traditional Chinese medical herbs section in a store on Kowloon’s Nathan Road

Feeling hungry? Late night food served in a street booth in Kowloon

Casino Lisboa on Macao island . . . the gambling capital of the world with 38 casinos

 We think Taiwan is our next holiday destination. Ruti ...
Hindu temple in Singapore

Gardens at Flower Dome

Jurong Bird Park

Merlion, the official mascot of Singapore

 In my many trips to the Far East, while flying to my d...
Len Sirowitz sketching at a San Miguel art course

A praying mantis in stained glass

Hats and baskets for sale in the market

All that glitters . . . pieces of jewelry made by Herb Hahn

The three Amigos in San Miguel de Allende (from left) Irwin Levenson, Herb Hahn and Stan Goldberg

Our friends Vivienne and Irwin kept raving about San Miguel ...