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My father’s childhood home in Mueddersheim around 1939

My father, (centre) in WW1 army uniform with parents and six siblings

The Jewish cemetery in Heinsberg today

Writer with sons reciting Kaddish at the Schwarz cemetery in Gladbach

 In 2016, after a life-time of refusal, I decided that ...

Kissing the tzitzit (prayer shawl) through my anti-COVID-19 ...
Suszanna Santana Sadi, youth leader of the Havana Jewish Community

Paying respects ... Fidel Babani Leon at the Jewish cemetery in Havana

A tightly-knit Jewish community whose members escaped the Sp...
Amos Guetta, one of the leaders of the Libyan Jewish community, in the Beit El Synagogue in Piazza Bologna, Rome

Beit Knesset Beit El interior, Givat Olga

Enjoying a helping of mafrum

Story of the Jews of Libya   In Italian author Pri...
The Hebrew name of Adonai, inscribed on the keystone of the Santa Fe cathedral at the request of a major (Jewish) benefactor

Typical Pueblo Indian-influenced architecture in Santa Fe

The Western movie style lobby of the venerable El Rancho Hotel in Gallup NM, reminiscent of a fancy ski lodge

When Jordi was just ten years old, his grandfather said, "Th...
The black and white 1940s Knitting Pattern

Story and photos by Lydia Aisenberg A black-and-white 1...
Recipes of my 15 Grandmothers, Genie Milgrom, Gefen Publishing House (2019) Soft Cover, 163 pages.

Genie Milgrom with traditional food her grandmothers would have made in Spain

If this were only an article about a recently published new ...
Svia Epstein and Elishama Jacobs are two sisters whose paren...
Screens for the women’s section of the synagogue

The succah inside the synagogue

In my search for lesser known aspects of Israel, I visited t...
The Swedish Ambassador and members of the audience listening to the talk

In October the Swedish Ambassador, H.E. Magnus Hellgren, mos...

 In May in Herzliya Cynthia Maresky gave an excellent t...

The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross ...
Five cyclists from Israel at the start in Berlin: Daniel Cavenor, Richard Szental, Laurence Lebor, Paul and Nadav Alexander

Prince William listens as Henry Foner, another Kindertransport survivor, tells him his story

Prince William meets Paul Alexander at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

Making tracks . . . Paul Alexander and his son, Nadav, on the bike ride

The writer’s husband, Laurence Lebor, crosses the finishing line in London

 This November it will be 80 years since the Nazi pogro...
Brenda Delano with Nissim Moses

A taste of the East

Nissim Moses came to introduce us to the Customs and Holiday...
A synagogue in the Babylonian Heritage Center in Or Yehuda. Photo: Ayelet Shemesh

The exterior of the Heritage Center has a Moorish influence Photo: Yehuda Katz

A market scene in the Heritage Center. Photo: Susan Lurie

The Rehovot ESRA branch had an outing to the Babylonian Jewr...
In October 1943, these two Danish fishermen made about 10 night-time crossings from Copenhagen to Sweden in boat K1657 with two or three Jewish fugitives each time hidden under herring nets. As October was the peak season for herring, nocturnal fishing trips didn’t raise any suspicions

Arne Rabuchin ... one of the youngest Holocaust survivors in Israel today

What can be said about the Holocaust that has not already be...
President Pertini (left) listens as Bernardo Grosser reads inscription. On the right: Iso Doron, who was saved by DELASEM in 1941.

Dante Almansi, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communists

Villa Emma in the village of Nonantola

Lawyer Lelio Vittorio Valobra and Bernardo Grosser in Switzerland in 1944

Exterior of Bernardo Grosser’s home in Sokolov Street, Jerusalem.

Settimio Sorani, the head of Rome DELASEM

DELASEM national director (left) with Bernardo Grosser and a refugee at a train station. “He who saves a single life saves the entire world” – The Talmud

From Hitler's rise to power in 1933 until the early 1940's, ...
Musical duo Jeff and Janis ... loved ‘doing Jewish’

Here’s where those melody makers hung out – in New York’s Tin Pan Alley. Photo: Wikipedia

Do American Jewish audiences still want to hear live Jewish ...
1944: Mark Olds with (from left) Maria Schwartz, Madame Schwartz and Léonie Schwartz

1985: Maria (left) and Léonie with Mark

The Schwartz sisters in the 1940s

A reunion in Luxembourg in 1985 for Mark and Sally Wendkos Olds with members of the Schwartz family, including Maria and Léonie

A few years ago the writer reconnected with Maria, then aged 92, and met Maria’s daughter (left)

 In my last semester at Penn, I met the man I would mar...
The front of the Police HQ in Taormina showing two Stars of David. Many of the roads in the immediate area of the building have names of Jewish origin, indicating that this had very likely once been the main Jewish district of Taormina. Story and photos by Alan W. Benjamin

A section of the ancient mikveh in Siracusa that is still in use

Prior to our eight-day touring holiday in Sicily, we knew ve...