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Even Kangaroos Have Made Aliyah

kangaroo-1 Kangaroos welcome visitors with a hop, skip and jump at the Gan Garoo Australian Park
Sign in a rock commemorating the four Australian athletes who died in the 1997 Maccabiah Games bridge collapse over the River Yarkon

Where Israel's Jezreel and Bet Shean valleys become kissing ...
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Tashlich For Real

Haifa-200 View of Haifa Bay (Wiki Commons)
 Paying more attention to heaven, the 'learned man' sli...
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Letter from the President of Israel

 President of the State of Israel Jerusalem, 24 Nisan 5...
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I Missed Out On the 60s

Woodstock Opening ceremony at Woodstock 1969 (Wikipedia Commons)
My buddy Yisroel called me. "Can I come over right now? I ne...
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The Way We Were

Merle-200 Editor Merle Guttmann busy at work ... as imagined by illustrator Denis Shifrin
Part of the Safari Steak House ad which appeared in the very first issue of the ESRA Newsletter

Design changes in our title piece reflect various typographical styles over the last 40 years

 200 issues on, we look back at earlier issues of ESRA ...
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World of the Shtetl is Brought Vividly to Life

Worldo-theShtetlisBroughtVividlytoLife A shtetl sign of yesteryear
Gad Yakobi giving out beigels to visitors to his Kfar Hasidim shtetl

Polish-born Israeli Malka Goldlust resting on the ‘shiduchim bench’ at Yankele’s Shtetl

A shtetl teeming with people

A small but very impressive Polish shtetl can be found in Kf...
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ESRA Is Getting Better all the Time!

shfayim-1 Enjoying the day in Shefayim (Photos: Richard Halon)
Enjoying the Crafts Fair

The tables are turned on ESRAVision’s Sally and Richard Halon who were videoing and photographing the day’s events

Can I have your autograph please? Followers of The Jerusalem Post and London Times columnist Melanie Phillips patiently queue to get her signature on copies of her books which were on sale

Hat parade and smiles in the sunshine

More happy faces

Welcome to Speakers' Corner

Enjoying lunch with friends on a sun-soaked day

With a little help from our friends ... and a Beatles tribute band

ESRA held its 40th Anniversary Celebration on 14th May. The ...
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