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Check Expiry Dates on Medications


On a recent Thursday, I was in a hurry and took two inhalations of Ventolin from the inhaler in my purse instead of my regular meds. Half-an-hour later I felt so drained that I cancelled an appointment and planned errands and spent the rest of the day at home, part in bed.

The same evening I took another inhalation from the Ventolin next to my bed; again some 30 minutes later I felt drained. Though it was not as bad as in the morning, I cancelled another appointment for next day.

Later in the evening, I suddenly remembered this had happened before... and checked the expiry dates on both inhalers. Sure enough, the one in my purse had expired in September and the other in October! I immediately threw them out and opened fresh ones.

So check expiry dates on all medications, tablets, syrups, candies, vitamins, whatever, BEFORE leaving the pharmacy and BEFORE USING!

Siri Jones – Rosen




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Sunday, 05 December 2021

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