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Animal Magic!

A selfie with a giraffe! 

A visit to the Safari Park! What a wonderful idea, beautifully organized by our coordinator, Roni Sela. This was the last get-together for this season of our group of young people with disabilities, which has been meeting regularly at Beit Weil in Kfar Shmaryahu for 16 years since 2000.

When all the vans had arrived, we proceeded to the entrance of the Park. Some of the participants came with their aides, some were in motorized wheelchairs and were able to manage independently; some who could not walk longer distances joined Roni's husband, Yossi, in one of the Park's golf carts. There were sufficient of us volunteers (Leslie Hanan, Yossi Sela, Ophir and Adi Sela, and myself) to push those who were in regular wheelchairs, and for each participant to be accompanied throughout the entire area of the Park.

Also with us were photographers, Richard and Sally Halon, who recorded our progress through the Park by photos and videos.

Maya, our very knowledgeable guide, led us from one display to the next, giving excellent and easy-to- understand explanations regarding the habits of the animals we saw. She mentioned that attempts are made to provide life in captivity as similar as possible to the life the animals would live in the wild. We enjoyed seeing - among others - bears, turtles, elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, deer and, of course, monkeys.

Part way through the Park we stopped for a refreshment break, giving the youngsters a chance to relax and partake of drinks, goodies and even lokshen kugel provided by the grandmother of one of our participants. 

It proved to be a glorious day enjoyed by all, and we learned quite a bit about the animals that live in the Safari Park. It was a great way to end our year of weekly get-togethers and we now look forward to our next happy season which will begin anew in the fall. 



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Saturday, 29 January 2022

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