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An agriculture lesson taking place at a youth village in 1966 Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Prelude: my father and I came to live in Israel in May of 19...
The castle of Paphos

Church of Saint Lazarus, Larnaca

Representations of the Magen David and a mirror image of the swastika

Story and photos by Irving Spitz Mention Cyprus and most peo...
90th anniversary of the WW1 Battle of Beersheba: Australian riders prepare for their mounted parade

Notice outside schools warning parents about bikes

‘Golden couple’ who sowed the seeds that became ESRA’s sewing centers

Judy Copeland in 1968

In the shade of the Shikma tree

Electric bikes: Laws being ignored There is a growing, very ...
Moish Levy and his wife Nili ... each have donated kidneys. Photo: Marion Stone

Would you be willing to be considered as a possible kidney d...
Marsha Goldstein and husband Avi . . . her life changed overnight

"The benefit to the person donating the kidney is even great...

The "pleasure of paper", said Arthur Gerbi, Merci's managing...
Students taking part in a business administration class.

Student and teacher at the end of the law course at the Hebrew University.

Seat of learning ... a psychology class at Tel Aviv University.

Each year, as summer turns to autumn and the heat goes out o...
Mum’s the word ... Elana Mohnblatt with daughter Keren Mohnblatt Nahum

It was a Friday afternoon when my daughter and her family ca...

About 95% of Israeli wine is produced by its twelve largest ...
Story by Brenda Katten Photos: Avi Talala

Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers who took part in the 2016 “Masa Journey to Identity” in Ethiopia

My introduction to ESRA was back in 1998, as a new immigrant...
David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir “wrapping” above King George Street First Knesset of Israel building in Jerusalem. It is undergoing renovation to become First Knesset Museum. Story and photos: Lydia Aisenberg

The 1959 State funeral of Knesset First Speaker Joseph Sprinzak

The open side of the ‘wrapped’ building where the main entrance and the Sprinzak poster are situated

Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim at the 1958 cornerstone ceremony of the Givat Ram Knesset

Members of the first Israeli Knesset (Parliament) were elect...
Story and illustration by Talya Dahan Dunleavy

A friend told me that he had seen a beautiful carved Chinese...
Having a lava-ly time ... the group rests after climbing to the top of a volcano in Northern Mongolia. Story and photos by Jeri Hahn-Markowitz

Your move ... Nomads in traditional dress play a typical game on the Mongolian steppe

Home sweet home ... a typical Mongolian nomadic dwelling on Lake Khuvsgul in a national park in Northern Mongolia

Mongolian guide Amina with Moti Hahn-Markowitz and group leader Professor Reuven Amitai

I recently returned from a two-week trip to Mongolia with a ...
Cookery class for children and grandparents. Story and photo by Carol Novis

Avital Sebag’s book

Young children aren't generally known for their adventurous ...
Text & photos by Lydia Aisenberg

Memorial to the children who perished in the Holocaust

Chanukiah sculpted by Aviram Paz

Hewn from white Jerusalem stone, an impressive memorial to t...
Debbie Sinai (left) with Dina Yoshimi, who led the prayers so beautifully

The window in the chapel

"My heart is in the East, and I am at the end of the West......
Zipporah’s mother, Selma J. Borowsky

One of her mother's letters home

"Letters from Jerusalem 1947-1948"

Anyone who has seen the movie or read the book Gone with the...
Mayor Haim Bibas addressing ESRA Modiin

The Master Plan for the development of Modiin over the next ...
Shlomo Hillel today. Story and photos by Ruth Corman

The interior of the accommodation hut at Atlit, near Haifa

A plane brought recently from Alaska to Atlit, near Haifa

Immigrant children waiting at Atlit Detention Camp

Boat on the site of the Atlit Detention Camp, similar to those used in the 1940s

One of the unanticipated joys of writing my stories has been...
Sophia Loren in the 1966 movie Judith, which was filmed in Israel

"Judith" movie advertisement

The children loved hearing Savta Sarah's stories – even thou...